Log of what of Brenda Encarnacion has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

What happens within your body when you exercise

In the section of bettering your mental health, I have was able to learn a lot of helpful information that I am actually currently practicing on myself. I was able to clearly understand what actually happens to your body when you exercise.

I watched the video called "This is what REALLY happens as you start exercising (animated", which focused on exploring the changes to your body's physic, muscle, mind and heart. From that video I was able to understand why exercising makes you less depressed, more happy and motivated which is because of the hormones that are released when doing exercises. I also learned how exercising is helpful when battling depression, insomnia, memory loss, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

Exercising gives your body serotonin, endorphins and proteins. Right now I am in the process of trying to workout as much as I can. Using my apple watch to track my calories and activity time has been a motivation because I can see my effort put into effect. Learning about what happens to your body when exercising is something that I will now hold on to since everything is starting to make sense.

According to that video, you will live longer if you exercise than an individual who doesn't and also life will come out to be less expensive since you won't have to make as much doctor visits or spend money on being medicine or unhealthy food.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Information about the concept of REITs

Today I learned about the term REITs. REITs stands for Real Estate Investment Trusts.

REITs are traded in markets, it’s similar to the stocks concept Since equity REITs are publicly traded. The two most common are the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and Nasdaq.

“They are trusts who’s portfolio’s investors can invest in by buying shares of the companies’ portfolio. REITs are interesting for investors as they provide a less hands on investment experience for those interested in purchasing real estate.” This is because by investing in a REIT, you are investing in a company which manages and purchases real estate. You, in turn, as an investor will be paid through dividends.

For example, REITs can be traded in the application called Robinhood. I personally have Robinhood and the term of dividends is something I recently learned because I received dividends from the company called “VOO” (Vanguard S&P 500 EFT” for having their shares.

Now that I have learned the term REITs I’m going to look into it using the Robinhood and hopefully investing in it because getting dividends is a huge plus!

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Robotics Products - Selling Art online

Today I learned more about the concept of Robotics. A robotic product refers to functional objects that can be interrelated physically and are powered by custom electronics or programmable microcontroller. The market for for robotic products are primarily individuals interested in DIY (do-it-yourself) environment. The other main market the educational side which tends to be commonly more for older kids.

According to the main description of a robotic product, “The basic principle of a robotic product is that it monitors various types of inputs and uses that info to determine what it should output. This most-basic of inputs include pushing a button or turning a knob, or sensors for light, temperature or distance. The resulting outputs can include lighting up an LED, activating a motor to create movement, displaying something on a screen or generating a sound.”

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

Writing- Becoming a professional writer

Blog content for July 13th, 2022

From this professional writing content, I learned that a major benefit to becoming a professional writer is that a degree is typically not required for most roles. You can find a writing jobs without having a literature degree, formal study or taking additional education.

Experience is not a necessity for most writing jobs, but to demonstrate your skills, it is necessary to have a writing portfolio, or at least a writing sample in the style of writing that matches the job that you are applying for. You also need accountability and reliability, great understanding of language and grammar as well as a passion for what you are writing about.

Based on the video “Writing- Techie Youth”, it says writing jobs don’t make a lot of money, you do need to be proficient with your language and you’ll need to be able to write in an efficient time.

This job does not guarantee you to make a good amount of money. This job can be flexible because you can write at any location you desire. It’s a good way to also get your name known for publishing your content. You can get a job as a blogger or grant writing, technical writer for a project.

A good resource for writing is Grammarly. Finally you can get jobs for Magazines and journals, Books, published and self-published, Copywriting,

Blogging / writing for your own website, Guest blogging, Ghostwriting, SEO backlink content, Customer service and correspondence, Technical writing, Transcription and Grant writing.

You can find these jobs at poets&writers 50 & forward.

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

Writing - Data Entry

Blog content for July 12th, 2022:

There are two types of data entry one is the data from a scanned document that you’ll put it into an excel document and the other one is the one you can copy and paste data from one form to another into the excel spreadsheet. This job can require data research skills. You need fast typing skills and how to navigate around Microsoft excel

The equipments needed for this job are a computer, Microsoft work or Excel application or you can use free resources like Google Docs or Google Sheets. Having a extra second monitor is a plus because you can see your content better and you can sperpate your tasks with the data and the other one with Microsoft excel.

You need to have good typing skills. You can improve your typing skills by going to a website called TypingTest.com. A good start is considered 60 words per minute and if you reach 100 words per minute then that is considered very good.

This is a benefit because the faster you type the more work you can do.

You can find jobs for Data Entry on Upwork.com, Freelancer.com , goLance.com and Fiverr.com

Benefits: The job is easy to do, does not require a lot of skills, does not require education and is a job you can start easily.

Disadvantages: The pay is low compared to other jobs, it can get boring, and there is no room for growth.