Log of what of Deron-Messiah Adams Jr. has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

What I learned on Friday July 15th

On Friday July 15th I completed the first prerequisite unit which is the introduction unit, I learned about how to work successfully online, Business scams and networking. When I was done with that I started the second prerequisite unit on improving the quality of my life and I learned about incomes.

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

What I learned while being at Techie youth so far

I completely forgot that I needed to do this everyday and I apologize for the misunderstanding. This is what I learned while being at Techie youth so far.

On Friday July 8th, I completed most of the music production unit and I learned about the various career roles in the music industry and I reviewed the basic fundamentals of creating a beat using a computer. I said that this was a review because I make beats in my free time and being a music producer is my career goal.

On Monday July 11, it was a completely new day and that was the day that I didn't do any reviewing and I was learning because everything I did that day, I knew nothing about it before. I learned about the various platforms that can be used to distribute music (For example, Landr) and I also learned about monetization in the music industry. Also Monday was the day that I completed the musical production unit. For the assignment I created a beat on soundtrap ( the DAW I use) and I tried to upload it to the Techie youth website but there were issues with soundcloud and I couldn't do that. If it says that I didn't work the full hours on the website, that was because I was doing the assignment with the remaining hours of my shift but due to technical difficulties, I can not upload my work from soundcloud.

On Tuesday July 11th, I started the prerequisite unit: How to earn money online from anywhere. I learned about how to write a check and that I need to put the numbers on that check as close together as possible so that nobody can add extra numbers to the check. I also learned about the various ways of getting paid digitally. One of the various ways of getting paid that interested me the most was square because it was essentially a card reader that can take the information of a physical card from one swipe so that a client can pay for their product.

Yesterday, Wednesday July 13th, I learned even more about getting paid online. I also learned about how to make a proper resume, what a cover letter was and about how LinkedIn is a website that advertises business and how to make a profile on LinkedIn because jobs look at that profile when they want to hire you. What I found Interesting that I didn't know about before was that Jobs do a google search on you before you are hired which tells me that I need to keep a good public image whenever I am finally allowed to have a social media account.

Today, Thursday July 14th, I learned all about interviews, the proper interview etiquette and how to excel at the different types of job interviews that usually, inperson, in the phone or on zoom. When I was done with that, I learned a bit about how to successfully work a remote Job.

This is currently it for what I learned while being at Techie youth and daily updates will be posted. I would also like to apologize again for not doing this sooner.