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Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

Computer Design: AutoCAD and Inkscape.


What I learned on Techie Youth (07/21/2022)

Computer Design



AutoCAD' interface will vary depending on the version. There is Autodesk AutoCAD 2020 and Autodesk AutoCAD LT which is the lighter version that doesn't include the 3D tools and the sheet sets.

Basic Drawings

To start a new drawing, we need to select the start drawing option which will open a new tab.

The first thing to do before starting a drawing is to set the units, type units in the command line, enter, and it will open the unit options.

Once that is done, these are a couple features available:

Application (Shows all the frequently used option)

Quick access (Shows all the frequently used option)

On the ribbon area top or bottom:

Commands (Line or Circle are two of the commands, click on the icon to start the command)

Toggles (to make precise drawing)

All the active command or tools will be highlighted in blue. To use the line tool, we left click the icon, and we notice that the curser will become two intersecting lines called Point selection cursor. If the tool tape does not show on your computer, the functions keys F12 will open it and can also make it disappear. Then we need click were ever we want to make the first point of the line then the second and create whatever shape that way, when done we press enter to exit the command.

The Navigation tools will allow you to move your drawing around using the mouse, to zoom in or out you're drawing you will need to rotate your mouse wheel.

There are three selections type available: The window selection, the crossing window, the lasso selection.

To make a line of specific length, select the line command, click the first point then in the command search bar type the desired length and press enter. We can also make an angle by entering the angle sign "<" and the number e.g.,"<90" and press enter. We can achieve the same thing using the tool polar tracking mode, click on the command and select the angle wanted. To only make straight lines at a 90-degree angle we can use the command ortho mode. Finally, the dynamic input command will show you the length and the angle as you draw.

Other tools:





(Specify the measurements in the command search bar)

Move (to move a specific drawing on the tab)


Rotate (select tool, select the object, press enter, select the base point, enter the rotation angle, press enter)

Mirror (select tool, select the object, press enter, make a mirroring line, press enter)

Fillet (curve the corner of an angular object)

Trim (after selecting the tool press tool and click on the line to trim)

Offset (will make a copy of the object at a chosen distance inside or outside the initial drawing)

We different management and annotation tool:

Layer: the default layer is layer 0, to add another layer we need to go to properties and click on new layer. Putting object on different layers allows you to control their different properties.

Blocks: clicking on create block on the panel will allow you to combine individual shapes or lines into one symbol/block, we only need to specify the pick point and the base point.

Dimensioning: open the dimension tool on the annotation panel. To modify its style use the dimension style option on the annotation panel. We can also have dimensions like the radius, diameter, angular and other.

Plotting Drawing as PDF

To plot a drawing we need to select the pool option on the tool panel, specify the plotter which is PDF, then the paper size and all the other specify you want. There preview showing what part of the drawing will be plot. When done, we click on OK and specify the location and save.

2. Inkscape


Inkscape could be useful to create line arts design, logos, monogram and other. Primarily, to create the contour line weight of a shape, we need to select the stroke option and enter the dimension. We can change the weight as we draw or we can keep it thought-out the drawing. If we design something that as different components we could create each one of them separately and place them together as we wish. The over whole us of Inkscape really depends on the design and what your trying to achieve, all the option are visible on the tab.

Cut path (ctrl + Alt + /): separate in two pieces

Combine (ctrl + k)

Duplicate (ctrl + D)

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

How to present your best self on social platforms and more about design crafts


What I learned on Techie Youth (07/20/2022)

The Importance of your public image

Social media nowadays is a huge representation of who we are as a person, it's not only a leisure anymore, but it also serves to represent us, what we stand for, our branding. That is why according to the article from (Cison) and (Glassdoor) 80% to 90% of companies will look you up on the internet to get to know more about yourself. It might seem a little intrusive, but I feel like it is a great judge of character and could determine if you really do qualify for a potion as you claimed when applying. Take care of its social image start with the little things like your profile picture, potential employers need to be able to identify you. The over whole look of your internet footprint should also be a match of who you are or at least who you're presenting yourself to be when you apply somewhere. One thing is that no matter if it's a professional setting or not, anything you share or like should be morally correct.


Create: Laser cut products

The way to design something high quality at a low cost:

Produce a small design

Keep your design simple

Laser cuts parts at around 1mm from each other or some part can share the same edges.

Do not overlap lines

Do not include too much curve since they cost more than straight line.

Engrave parts horizontally across the design.

Use single lines instead of segment lines.

The ticker or harder the material is the more expensive it will be to laser.

The easiest way to laser cut if you don't own a laser cutter or have one available around you is to use online companies. Online services like Ponoko can laser cut your parts and ship it to you, prior submitting your work you need to upload it and assign different colors depending on what you want to achieve. You could also use Sculteo which is a professional 3D printing service or get a membership at Makerspace which will give you access to a laser cut once a month and more for a fee.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

What you need to know as an entrepreneur and earn money online