Log of what of Tahir Bashir Aliyu has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Apr. 22, 2022

Fundraising: Techie Youth

The act of seeking financial assistance is profoundly embedded in any Non-profit organisation that basically focuses on empowering youth. There is the need to raise funds to facilitate basic acts that direct their programs and of course generate ways to actually assist the youth to become self-sufficient. Techie Youth again taught me how to functionally seek for this assistance to run my donation-oriented service/program.

Tue. Apr. 19, 2022

Time Management skills

Fri. Apr. 15, 2022

Entrepreneurship: Techie Youth

An Entrepreneur takes risks to realize profit. He gathers his skills in order to deliver a service or create certain goods. Read more at my blog at the link below

Thu. Apr. 14, 2022

Entrepreneurship: Techie Youth

Wed. Apr. 13, 2022

Time Management: Techie Youth

Hi! Down to the specifics today.

So recently I have been learning how to use my time efficiently to be the most productive I can be and achieve the best I can with the hours allotted to me.

What's the difference between the laziest man in the world and the most successful man in the world? Even though they both spend the same amount of time a day, same number of weeks in a month and the same number of days in a year. It all comes down to who made the best use of his time?

Successful individuals simply use their time efficiently and don't waste a second! They plan their activities, set their priorities straight, and set realistic goals that they want to achieve in a particular amount of time. This sets them apart since everything they do have some sense to it.

So plan your activities, what do you do and when should you do it?

What would you prioritize over the other? Would you rather spend your time sleeping all day, playing games or watching television? Or would you spend the day grinding and looking for a further source of income? I'll let you figure that out.

At the end of it all, determine who you want to become and give yourself the best mental picture possible, realistically. Are you the next billionaire??

More logs coming your way daily from what Techie Youth has made me realize about being the best version of myself.

Check out https://www.techieyouth.org/ to learn more about this program and visit my blog in the link below to read more about what I learnt. Until next time. Stay safe, and stay smart

Tue. Apr. 12, 2022

Time and Stress Management: Techie Youth

Hi! This is actually the first time I've ever written on my blog. It's pretty weird.

As an introduction, my name is Tahir Bashir Aliyu, Yola Nigeria and I just started a new path to understand how to live a sustaining life.

I'd like to share, in summary, what I learnt on the second day of the second week of joining this program. (I began this journey on 4th April). I was graced to be able to define my time-guided priorities, adequately manage my use of time, and I also began the course on how to manage my stresses and health. In previous times I had the ideology that I am meant to work work work endlessly in order to realize my goal. I now know that I can manage my resources and my time to be able to enjoy myself in a controlled manner though, and still be able to work sufficiently and make the most of my time. It's pretty simple actually; Prioritize your activities, set time limits for each work so that you do not overwork without any progress, make sure your health is number one, rest at regular intervals, and so much more principal ideologies. This is only a pinch honestly, as this is the opportunity of a lifetime that I have just started enjoying.

Look forward to my daily logs as I continue to undergo this life-changing course. Stay safe, and stay smart

Visit https://www.techieyouth.org to learn more about this program

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