Log of what of Vincent Tan has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

More Web Developing


A tool that helps version control files

Visual SVN Server and TortoiseSVN (client)

Version control of files (first version) then saved to 2nd version.

Collaboration on Files

For Group work, many people work in same file and will replace each files, thats why

SVN is here


Keeps track of code history

Takes snapshot of files

Decide when to take a snapshot by making a “commit”

You can visit any snapshot at any time

You can stage files before committing

Basic Commands GIT

$ git init initialize local git repos

$ git add <file> add files to index

$ git status check status of working tree

$ git commit commit changes in index

$ git push push to remote repos

$ git pull pull latest from remote repository

$ git clone Clone repos into new directory

$ git log Check history


A software you use to build your very own website or blog and publish it on the internet

Aka CMS (Content Management System)

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

Web Development and Domains

Web Development

The Backend helps with the server itself (all the coding) of the web

The Frontend helps with the visual aesthetic of the web

Web Hosting

DNS Server translates your domain to an IP address

Visitors goes on a website and you go to a DNS Server

How to upload a website

Use HostGator

Domain Privacy Protection helps protect personal info

Add billing info

Domain name is an address to your website

Think of domain name as an address and the website is your house

How DNS works

Type a website in computer

Send a query to resolver if it doesn’t know the website

Resolver cannot find the IP address so it will send a query to the root server

Root server or on the top of the DNS hierarchy

Root server doesn’t know where the ip address is so it directs the resolver to the TLD server.

Now the Resolver will ask the TLD where the IP address is

TLD doesn't know the IP address so the TLD will direct the resolver to the authoritative name server (they know where the IP address is.

The ANS will give the ip address to the resolver and then the resolver will send the IP address to the computer so now the computer has entered the website.

The resolver will store the IP address in its cache memory so it doesn’t have to go do the steps again.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Web Development

Web Development

The client is the Web Browser

The internet is when computers communicate with each other

CSS takes care of fonts, layouts, colors, just the UI

Javascript adds logic to the web page


Computer in a datacenter

“The cloud”


Has many code languages

Don’t aim for money when doing the job

Learn computer science first

Know and build in order to LEARN

Repetition is key

How to make a website

Start with header tag

Then start with section tab

Inside header tag add a nav tag


Front end vs Backend

You should focus on both

Backend pays more

Web Design vs Web Development

Web Designer DESIGNS the website

Web Development creates and adds function to the website

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

App management and monetization

How to make a PhoneGap app

Create an empty folder

Download Notepad++

Create Phonegap Build account

Copy example config.xml

Paste config.xml code in Notepad++ and save

Edit config.xml

Copy minimal html code

Save index.html file

Edit index.html code

Preview app in your local browser

Zip and upload

Build the app

Download and install

Create square icon image

Save as icon.png

Update config.xml to include icon

Rezip all files and reupload

Redownloaded, install and test

How to make React Native app

You need to know JavaScript and React

Create project with EXPO

Using node v.12 our higher

Download Expo Client

You can run on iOS simulator or Android emulator


Has a lot of templates to use

You can preview the app

Home screen feature

Upload and edit your own images

Explain to users why they should download your app

Monetizing your app

Optimize playstore listing

Take your app global (translation)

Reach new audiences

Run app install ads

Refine your marketing with Google Analytics

Get your app in google search

Add an option to send users to the app

Outsource for smaller app invites

Add an app card to youtube videos

Earn “word of mouth”

How to keep app active

App indexing will bring users back

Show app can help with android intents

Extend app with rich system notification

Run mobile re-engagement ads

Add safe sign in like Google Sign In

Use bigger screen

Make app personal with android wear

Use google analytics to make apps more engaging

Make the most of other google services

Take advantage of Android services

Make your app like a game

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

App Developing (not a lot of notes written down)

Film and video editors in the U.S. make an average of $40 an hour.

An average film editor’s salary is $55,740

Choose different music depending on the topic of the video.

Different templates to help make videos look better.


App Developer

Programming Language:

iOS- Objective-C/ Swift programming language

Android- Java



Looking at SwiftUI coding

IDE = Xcode



Uses Java and Kotlin

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

Continuation of Video Editing and how to land a job as a Video Editor

I learned tips about Adobe Premiere

Drag and Drop- Like windows, drag folders from file explorer to the app. It's also color coded for you, you can also choose the color

Master Clip Effects- You can apply effects to the entire project.

Adjustment Layers- you can apply adjustment layers with effects, add layers with the same effects.

Kill Switch- When its frozen, make sure you add a code (only shown in MacOS) but you can find an exit key and save the project)

Quick Copy- You can duplicate a clip

Select All- all you have to do is press A, don't need to drag highlight.

Drop Shift- Hold down a key and drag a clip in there

Lock Layers- you can lock layers so you don’t accidentally affect/cut layers

Proxy- make it lower resolution to make computer run faster but the resolution will be regular when exporting files

Editing while Exporting- You can continue to work to another project while exporting

How to get a job as a Video Editor

The Cold Call- reach out to someone who doesn’t know you (very hard)

Backdoor- you find an email and try to offer some sort of value (usually free) and try to build a relationship

Referral- If you do a good job, people will recommend you. Get a meeting, the chance of getting hired will increase drastically (be flexible, eager, passionate, and valuable).

Also get a job offer from a friend.

Tell them a little about yourself, offer free service for your portfolio, and then repeat until you have 5 or more portfolios.

Worry about your services. For freelancers, it's important that our service is professional.

Build up a relationship

Make business cards and give it to people with potential

Go to events to get your brand name out. Give out business cards and introduce yourself here

DO NOT CHARGE FOR TIME, charge for the task instead.

Work for free (when starting out).

Ask: What is your budget?

Know what your client is going to pay because if you determine the pay, you will probably underpay yourself.

Assess: The time commitment.

How much time do you think you will dedicate yourself to this project?

Pick: The type of pricing.

What is more practical for the work being done.

Identify where to get the client

You can use UpWork (recommended)

Apply to Jobs

Building a Portfolio

Making a video to showcase your work.

Making a website, make it look professional like from templates from SquareSpace.

You can use wix.com

Dress professionally in a showreel

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

Continuation of Video Editing and Remote Learning make up

Focused on Remote Learning lessons and redoing the quiz.

Also focused on redoing the video editing quiz.

Learned how to use free video editing software

Hitfilm Express


DaVinci Resolve



Folder Organization

Project Files






Final Videos

*** I apologize for not making this blog long. I was focusing on making up some of the quizzes and rewatching some editing videos. (I don’t really know how to add notes from specific editing videos since they are just procedures)

Tue. Jul. 12, 2022

How to Handle Stress and Introduction to Video Editing. And also a bit of Entrepreneurship

How to handle stress?

Remember happiness is a choice

It's not the opposers fault we are angry, it's our choice we are angry

Be ready when you are about to fail

Everything can be obtained if you have everything planned but make sure the plan is flexible in different situations.

How to stay cool under pressure?

Make sure you are controlling your emotions under pressure, make changes.

Power of Speech

Don’t let anyone take control of your emotions

Finding and getting a right Mentor

Know your goals

Who do you look up to

Research the right mentors

Show you are passionate

Always offer something in return

Ask specific questions

It's best to think about spending through.

Ex) buying an expensive car can be worth it because it will less likely break down



Always ask for the sales

Everyone can be an entrepreneur:

They could have an awesome idea

Some saw a need and took a financial risk to fill it

Entrepreneurs are very determined.


Video Editing

Getting paid


You can pick your own project

Negotiate your hours and earn higher wages

Need less experience

Very inconsistent source of income


Steady income

Learn from co workers

Fixed pay and hours

Need to be professional

High Paying jobs in video editing

3d Animation

Advanced effects


Keep your ego in check

Trust the process

Bad ideas lead to good ideas

Organization is editing

Just edit

Storytelling is a muscle (gets better and better)

Be careful of reaction shots

Study the process to get better

Mon. Jul. 11, 2022

How to save money and personal health

Gross Income is the total amount

Net Income is the total amount minus all the payment


How to make a personal budget?

Gather are the financials

Calculate your income

Create a list of monthly expenses

Determine fixed and variable expenses

Add up the monthly income and expenses

Make the adjustment to the expenses

Don’t spend money on new yearly items like phones.

Negotiating Buyer (How to get the best deals)

Don’t shop in expensive stores

Make sure you are the only buyer

Knowing if the seller is hungry for money (the price will go down when you leave)

Take advantage if the seller has ADHD (keep them distracted from the analytical stuff)

Say you want a FAIR price to show that the price isn’t fair

Don't say the number first

Make offers worth your while

Pick a flaw (don’t ask for more money)

Save 100% of income

Start saving and investing long term

Get sales and don’t spend on anything useless

Always spend the lower income source

Track your expenses

What can you cut back (don’t need to buy cable tv)

Increase your income

Find the time to make money (stop procrastinating)

Avoid lifestyle inflation

Use other source of income

Stop buying and drinking alcohol, less money, good for health.

Big pack paper towels

Good Investment

Don’t put money in a normal bank account, you don’t get a lot of benefits.

Paying any worker to help to bring back some lost time.

Buy things and resell it

Foreign exchange (different currencies)

Some high risks like real estate

Make sure its a surefire way to make profit

Buying stocks are pretty risky

Put money in:

Retirement funds

Checking Account

Your needs (NOT WANTS)

Emergency Fund

Payoff your debts

4-8 Months Payroll

Invest (real estate, stock market, bonds, etc…)



Make sure you sleep well

Start moving

Stay hydrated

Take breaks from technology


Eating well

Enjoy life

Choose what you want to eat

See your friends

Fri. Jul. 8, 2022

Remote Work, Scams, and Networking

In remote work, it is at most importance to get along with your co-workers

When employees work remote jobs, their productivity is most likely to increase

How to increase productivity?

Take breaks

Follow a schedule

Keep a to-do list

Eliminate distractions

Benefits of working remotely (no commutes)

Managing work relationships

How to achieve goals in work?

Know your team’s skills

Asking the boss some questions

Focus on what you can do and plan for the rest

Think about your dream career

Look at the bigger picture; get a broader scope of things

Know what a goal achievement would look like

Check in with yourself

Ask for support if needed.

Compare annual goals

Track accomplishments

Scheduling is very important for staying organized and meeting your deadlines

When scheduling an appointment, make sure you choose a time EVERYONE can agree to.

During a remote meeting, make sure you introduce everyone.

Have a small talk before starting a remote meeting.

Give people things to do to keep them occupied.

Make sure to record the meetings to look back at it.

Make sure to mute yourself until you are called upon.

Paperless work gives more freedom and gives the worker a free mind.

Say no to things when you can’t do it.

Don’t let your boss take advantage of you



People who scam are narcissistic

One scam is donations to fake charities.

Be aware if they have a lot of money up front.

They will act nice, like increase the payment to make it look like they wanted to give you more money because the person won’t earn the money anyways.

Avoid Scams:

Always read the fine print

Be aware of sales that are too good to be true.

Some scammers impersonate you and use your credit card.

Don’t give away bank account information


How to network?

Make sure you get to know the person before you talk to them. (search them up online)

Always start with hello

Find common areas of interest that are obvious (has to be relevant with what is happening right now)

Transition with what you are trying to achieve

Don’t interrupt them, only when they are finished being occupied

Thu. Jul. 7, 2022

Continuation of Job Interviews

Do not expect what salary you want (don’t give a number)

You don't know how hard the job is or how it's like to work there.

Don’t aim too high, don’t aim too low. Aim at the exact amount (in job interviews)

You don’t want anyone to cut the price of your deal.

Whoever has the money gets the final say in a cut throat negotiation.

During cut throat negotiation, rush them so they can’t think straight.

The happier the workers, the better the work is.


How to stand out?

Do public speaking in conferences

Get a good presentation

Make sure you aren’t terrified

Make sure you are prepared


Always ask for the offer or you’ll never get the offer.

Don’t be the kind of guy who gets pushed around by others, especially by the boss

The boss is only interested in your interest or your skills if it helps the company. So don’t say anything redundant

So in an interview, tell the boss why your interest/skills will benefit the company

Take notes in a job interview

BE FRIENDLY in a job interview

To be an active listener, you must make eye contact and make body expressions to show you are listening.

Turn a job interview to YOUR favor.

Make sure you ask questions

Make sure you know every answer to every question

Take notes during a job interview.

Helps make you prepared

Shows the boss you are prepared

format for interview planner

1. Interviewer’s name___________________

Phonetic pronunciation*______________

Title and responsibilities______________

Role and influence in the hiring decision**__________________________

Interviewer prole: background, reporting relationship, likes, dislikes__________ ___________________________________

2. Interview (sales call) objective__________________________________

3. Needs analysis questions to ask (note: these questions can be organized on separate pages, as you will have numerous questions).

4. Possible interviewer concerns

5. Preplanned, practiced answers to concerns

6. Getting a commitment to your interview objective. Write exactly how you intend to ask the hirer (customer) for the commitment you desire.

7. Follow up


Due date___________________________

Wed. Jul. 6, 2022

Job Interview and Applications

How to make a good LinkedIn Profile

Good Profile Picture


Wear good clothes

Look at camera

Close up

Neutral background

No accessories like sunglasses or jewelry

Don’t drink alcohol in your profile pictures

Good lighting

You can check your profile pic by putting it in photofeeler which is a website where professionals rate your profile picture.



Job Title

+Company Name


+Zing Factor


Explain how you can help the company.

You can use social proofs (links to your website, blog, slideshare, or youtube videos)

How to make a resume

Name and Contact info

first thing you should add)

include a website and portfolio if you can

Work Experience

Important, clients check your profession to see if you are up to the job

Work experience shows what you are experienced at

If you don’t have experience, make experience. You can also apply for internships

Education Section

Clients look at school/university you applied at

GPA - if your GPA is above 3.2, add it. Don’t add a low GPA

Skill Section

Depends on the job

Do not list soft skill terms:

Hard worker, good communicator

Add specific skills

Extracurricular and Awards

They are achievements that prove other skills clients look for

How to create a cover letter

Dear (name)

Tell them 1 sentence why they want to come here

What do you offer

Show skills that they are looking for

Use “You”, no “I”

How to ace a job interview

Do practice interview

Be friendly and engaged to everyone working in the company

Come prepared with questions for the interviewer

What opportunities for advancement or additional duties will I have in this company? (good question)

Do your research

Bring a notebook

Send Thank-You notes/emails within 24 hours of the interview

Dress up (well tailored suit)

Be prepared for behavioral interview questions

View the interview for EXACTLY what it is (be confident)

Go on time. Don’t go right on time because that's considered late.

Tue. Jul. 5, 2022

Remote Learning and How to Get Paid

I learned how to be happy and get life satisfaction.

I should enjoy what I choose. A good leader wouldn’t let anyone change their choice.

—---------------Remote Learning —-----------------

Benefits of working remote.

No need to walk to your worksite (helps environment and avoids disasters especially in public transportation

Less spread of illnesses.

The feeling of an increased sense of loyalty to your boss and/or coworkers. More engaged in working.

Increased productivity; no lateness, more time to work.

You can do your job anywhere (as long as there is Wi-Fi)

When online, make sure you communicate a lot.

In remote learning, you can make working comfortable (maybe you can work with music).

Forget about time, you don’t need to worry about time as long as you are working in remote jobs.

You can still connect with other people, communication is key.

Earning money while traveling the world, like vlogging.

You can also do your remote job while traveling, very convenient.

Productivity matters

Boosting morale improves efficiency


I learned how to endorse a check to prevent fraudulent activities.

Difference between merchant accounts and payment aggregator

Merchant accounts have more customization.

Payment Aggregators like PayPal are quick and convenient but aren't as customizable as merchant accounts, therefore not good for businesses. Payment Aggregators also charge more interest than Merchant Accounts.


How to make a LinkedIn Profile. (not finished yet)